Saturday, May 14, 2011

True True for ALL beings

"When love awakens in your life, in the night of your heart, it is like the dawn breaking within you. Where before there was anonymity, now there is intimacy; where before there was fear, now there is courage; where before in your life there was awkwardness, now there is a rhythm of grace and gracefulness; where before you used to be jagged, now you are elegant and in rhythm with your self. When love awakens in your life, it is like a rebirth, a new beginning. "

- John O'Donohue , an Irish poet, philosopher & Catholic scholar

                  Yes , true love is a deep bond with the lovers that, stands in between them clearly without any limitless  with the deeds. Here John who describes that as we bond to the true love all the fear disappearing , creating for them a world with love ,grace, and courage to lead the life till end.

But can somebody tell a marriage be said to be a true love........maybe it is that leads to true love... in that way for me

                       I am not too experienced to do have a through talk , according to me when or at the time a marriage is set is a bond in which both the folks or partners are too keen watching themselves ,in a suspicious manner waiting eagerly to study about the others desires and outlook. At that time it’s just budding their true love which will gradually grows here after. Or may sometime burn to ashes living only a bogus smile to turn his surrounding happy. So it’s just a play with the game considering their luck. One can’t say because  many cases are referred that in the  happiness turned to black and awful sadness.

If one gains a true love before marriage is set then it is a blessing, that hold tight the feelings and desire and being understandable for each other which willingly gives them much support and comfort mentally and physically there after.

But Indians are more comprehensible than to westernize, maybe it is because of the heritage, a history tuned   for them that starts narration of the beauty in life from a life born and plainly their style.

                            Considerably it is more true to say asthe Husband and Wife is a much-needed place for Christian and non - Christian couples to be able to tastefully and comfortably add some fun and romance into their life. Having a resource for intimate products that also provides a respectful environment so as  needed for married couples today. I applaud the founders of Husband and Wife for their efforts to strengthen marriages sexually. These things all describes the way to true love.

                           True love never hurts the feeling of one-other. Dumped in sorrow but never allow his or her partner to be hurt, and if in any times U came to know that a partner who relief from his tension only when, he had the spouse marked with humiliation, for any old impair.... that love is not termed as a true love, it just a starting for something that wait silently as a fox to hang up in its time. As, because in such times people will think that good my incomparability has been accepted by everyone and that is ......
a false impression which will  led to a breakdown.




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