Saturday, February 18, 2012

pretjerano pametna

Why heven??
“Why hevan ? what do u mean by heaven ". Teacher was asking a 10 year old student.
“Mam , It’s a great place. A place with great things great beings!!!.”
“oo” "so that with great things is called heaven “.  asking she look in to  his eyes lowering her glasses.
Rahul was totally confused. Is my answer wrong?  what’s more ??.

“Child... Heaven lives in our mind our good things we decide our heaven or hell to the world, do u get me?” she tried to explain.
“Yes mam !!”
“Now tell me do u like heaven? “
“Yes mam “
“What do u mean by just ‘yes’ tell me the answer!!” showing moments of anonymity she stared at him
“Now tell me the difference”
Yes mam ...ahh.. What difference?”
Difference between heaven and hell?
Ooo she didn’t taught about hell...then why sh’s asking??
Do u need to stand in front of the class room ...WHOLE DAY!!! She groaned trying to make from him a quick answer!!

“Mam... heaven is like the good thinking, nice doings “
Good and what’s hell??”
It’s like answering to a question that’s not taught “

That was some thing that she didn’t expect to happen ...hahhaaa
Yaa this is just a narrative to hold tongue of people who think they are SMART always.
Remember every one have a view point and verdicts , some may tell some hide in mind it do sent mean that they are stupid sometimes they are more intelligent that the other......!!!

"pretjerano pametna" means tooo smart or over smart.

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