Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 There is a special bond between a father and son. Maybe it's because the son will carry on his father's name or because a father has someone that they can share their hobbies with. Whatever the reason that bond is there. But if father son relationship is not nourished it will weaken, especially during those teen years. Sometimes sons are different than their fathers and do not enjoy the same activities. Then it is up to the father to find a way to bond with his son. If your son isn't the athletic type you could play games together or build a puzzle.

There was a father –my father who had strong ambition in life ,who endeavour hard for his wealthy the wealthy living and future. I think, Sometimes when days get older father-son bound gets firm as then only the son realises the truthiness told by his father. The same is in my case.

He used to tell me about the living style especially when out on a working board. But as teens it was so awful to hear his description. He used to tell about love and characteristics in once living hood. But as days passed the he became my adversary that I start murmuring about him.

 As I see the most awful thing is that he used to read narration from Ramayana, or any Hindu spiritual books which says about sons responsibilities. Then he will compare it with me, then further he will compare me with his associates-sons and his loved ones and then conclude that I m the most polluted one among the youngsters.

When I am back after school, he will shoot at me as “U are not supposed to throw things here and there ,all should be in orderly as your mother keeps good care to arrange the room.!!!!!”


“I saw your nephew, he finished his bath u are the one who rushes after unwanted things without concern “


“Why does u keep talking repeatedly same things, always there should be a discipline in talking”
I used to get this in time to time, and felt angry with him, as according to me all these are natural happening that every “Father’s Son”  does. What is the speciality in me?

I remember he used to scold for everything and anything which make my father my adversary. If I am keep sleeping in morning he will come and snatch my blanket, and felt great pleasure in my fuming.  

Later, after his death it was fully tough to live without his beating. Every where i look he took my mindset. And let me tell

Once in a meeting, I was answering again to the question when the Mr.Stallin told with a smile in his face “I Heard YOU” .I my father words spark in me.

The day I came late to meet my spouse, in a holiday her compliance determined that my father’s word are true.

Really I realised my father who was trying to sweep my obscurity in my life that which “I” disliked in his life time. He was observing each and every tick in me and was my greatest teacher.
He taught me  perseverance and grace, and understanding that what they achieve is related to how hard they work, and that they be humble in victory and gracious in any defeat.
I pray my reverence, for the care he put on growing me up.
Now, for me he is living along with me, in my deeds, in my days and along..... with my family
We all love him the most.


  1. made pressure in my heart....share lovely feelings......this is only my opinion bcoz i ms my father alot don't bother abt is tooo gud...

  2. father is father whom no one can replace

    sherikum jithu u are crazy..

  3. Good one Sumo. I hated my father so much in the childhood and young age. It took almost 40 years for me to discover the hidden qualities of my father. Now I realize the father is a father and father indeed.

    1. thanks boss for your replays on sharing the feeling of father with me

  4. Thanks Boss ....for the patience shown on commenting